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Radio Morning

So I did the radio interview. I did a two-hour preparation for the eight minutes, consolidating and outlining my main points. I’m not much for promoting myself but I knew this was an opportunity to push Radio Days so I had half a page just on the book. Someone advised me to spread out the pages on my desk so I could see all of them at once, which I did. But the time went quickly; I didn’t have time to look at the color coded pages. Eight minutes goes so fast that I left some important things out. Like thanking Writer’s Relief for guiding me all these years.

 Not to say I’m an anxious person, but I did wake up at 4:30 in the morning—of course I did. Even if I’m in the elderly category, I’m still a nervous jervis. As my Aunt Lil always said, “Where ever you go, you take yourself with you.”

Besides, when you’re in the senior aging department, you have more to worry about than simply failing. You have to make sure your hearing aids have fresh batteries and are tuned up. You have to make sure your voice will be clear and not hoarse. (This required gargling with salt water, drinking tea with honey and sucking on a cough drop.) Another problem I have as a senior is sneezing a jillion times. Since they mowed the grass today, I had to use the Neti Pot and take Sudafed. Also, I only get two bars on my cell phone so I had to remind myself not to move while I was talking.

One good thing though about radio—it didn’t matter how I looked.

New Year Resolutions Update

I am writing this mainly because I resolved at the new year  to write a blog once a week. I haven’t written one because I am working on a memoir piece and have told myself that until it’s finished, all the other stuff on my mind must be put off. I thought I’d just report on how I’m doing on the resolutions for 2015.

I find that having them posted on my computer is very helpful. I read them once a week whether I plan to nor not. I am reinforcing what I proposed and it is helpful. I can report moderate success. I think when I finish my essay, I might expand on each item. Just for my own edification.

I am finding that life is moving much too quickly. I’m overwhelmed that it is already February 7. I want to shout out, “Slow down!” but who’d listen?