Of Covid, Cliches, And Conumdrums

This is my essay that was just published in Poetic Sun.

3 responses to “Of Covid, Cliches, And Conumdrums

  1. Christine Soltero

    Cyndy- All Ten! Perfectly articulated. I could relate to every one of your discoveries. I laughed at the “elderly” one; I too, heard that and thought -“Oh wow,yeah! the old folks will sure need to be super-careful”. I am 77 and it didn’t occur to me I actually being to that group! And the clothes not fitting ?omg! I worked remotely for almost 18 months and gained 15 lbs. I ate more carbs that first year than I had in the last 5.ūüôĄ Thanks for this!

  2. Can’t wait to read it, Cindy.Thank you. ¬†Becky

  3. Cindy, this is such a delight to read. ¬†I’d like to send it to the book group, but do you have it in any other form as an attachment, perhaps. ¬†If not, I’ll send it as is……..Do you have family here? ¬†Our son and his wife are here with their two daughters. ¬†Remember, she is an R.N. and had the blue light treatment, too. Ciao,Becky

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