Writing Do’s and Don’ts Revisited

It’s time to continue Writing DO’s and DON’Ts. I am going to create some more of these quick lessons that are designed to help the writer right now.

DO: Stay in touch with your writer self even if it seems to have gone into hibernation. Something  will happen that will inspire you to write. It may be someone you see.

2016-06-24 14.44.56

I took the picture of this man during our summer trip to Israel. We were in a crowded market place at lunch time. Everyone was full of energy, lots of laughing and some pushing as people jockeyed for position in lines to buy food and drink. Here he sat. What was his story?

DON’T ignore the inspiration sprite when it tugs at your innards. Go where it wants to take you.

ASSIGNMENT 1:  Make a list of everything you see in this photo. Notice all the details. The interesting floor. The orange plastic crate, the peaches, grapes and nectarines. The lit cigarette and the turquoise lighter. The man’s hands, his blue baseball cap, his few strands of gray. His expression. His reddened cheeks. The boys behind him. Does anyone see him?

Now begin: What is he thinking? Who is he? Where does he come from? Why is he there? You could write a character chart, as well.

ASSIGNMENT 2: Write a short story with him as a main character. The setting is the market to begin with. Remember to have a beginning, a middle and an end. There must be conflict. What did he want? What are the obstacles in his way that led him to this beer, this moment, this time in his life? What will happen to him?

The more I look at this picture, I think it could be a Renaissance painting.




One response to “Writing Do’s and Don’ts Revisited

  1. Great questions to provoke the muse!

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