A Corner of My Mind

I haven’t written in my blog for a while. I had a writing project to finish and then other projects to work on. My mind was taken up by working out how we can help the 600 furloughed people on the resort property we live on in Hawaii. When the hotel and the rest of the facilities closed, people became unemployed. Most still are. I’m on a board that normally works to help the employees with medical needs and by giving scholarships. Since March, we’ve twice given out gift cards to Target, Costco and grocery stores to our employees.

We came to Hawaii on December 8, planning on returning to California on April 20. Because of Covid-19, we are still here.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. It is a beautiful place to ride out the pandemic. We are fairly safe here although today 55 new cases were reported–the most ever. I know that might not seem like many compared to the surges in other places. But, we are a small place with minimum medical facilities. People are not good about social distancing–maybe people are complacent because they think they are safe in the islands. Some believe it’s nothing more than the flu. Some believe it could never happen to them so they have family gatherings and parties.

If I ever get down about not seeing my kids and grandkids and our dog, I tell myself to get over it. We are so fortunate that I can only be grateful. (I tell myself five things I am grateful for every night. It helps me fall asleep–sometimes.)

My husband and I are staying close to home. I don’t cook every night–maybe four times a week. He’s a grazer and doesn’t want to have to sit down to a meal–and I don’t want to set the table every night either! When our grandkids were here for seven weeks, we did sit down together for dinner every night–it was a ritual we needed.

My relationship with my husband is different now. We spend much of the day in the same space, which can lead to getting on each other’s nerves. The television is a bone of contention–he plays his war movies way too loud. I’m jumpy enough without hearing shooting and shouting all day long. He gets annoyed when I ask him to turn it down or play the sound through his hearing aids. Isn’t that what they are for? On the other hand, we watch more television together than we ever have. We enjoy that time very much–enjoy each other during that time.

When I look at pictures of the Corona Virus from under a microscope, I’m struck by how pretty it looks. How can something so virulent look so nice?

3 responses to “A Corner of My Mind

  1. Dolores Carruthers

    24/7 with a husband is interesting because we really have nothing to talk about. We are living the same life. I remember a quote years ago as a wife who told her husband “I married you for better or worse but not for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”
    I find focusing on things to grateful help me as well. I also escape by reading And I seek out fun or easy entertaining. Sometimes I read heavier but limit frequency. I remind myself with mantras such as All will be well.” but don’t imagine my idea of well. Love and hugs to you.

  2. And love and hugs to you too.
    We share the news and talk to our kids mostly at the same time.

  3. Arlene Morgan

    Wo good to read your story, Cyndy. I too have issues with my husband and the TV. I have to ever remind myself that he and I although we are living in the same house, have different needs and interests.The mantra of “Live and Let Live” or “To Each His Own” helps me to understand more than be understood. When my attitude of gratitude gives me a good kick I feel more serene and ready to accept my husband’s needs. Sending you hugs and lots of fortitude. We all will get through this. Take care.

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