A Bag Lady?

I don’t usually tell about my true life on Facebook, but I have to share this story witih my Facebook buddies. Every time I think about what happened yesterday I start laughing out loud!

We’ve been having this wonderful Hawaii stay with friends and family. Last week, our daughter’s family and our cousins’ family stayed in our house and we moved into the hotel. We were “homeless in Hualalai” and loving every minute of it. Let me tell you, being catered to at a hotel is real hardship duty!

Yesterday we moved back into the house from the hotel. I was wearing my walking gear, which includes a large straw hat and beat up tennis shoes, and carrying a beach bag loaded with all my bathroom toiletries. A nice young man offered to carry the bag for me and I accepted gratefully.

“So,” he said after a few minutes, “do you work for the hotel?”

I started laughing. He could only have thought I was some low level worker.

Bag Lady babysits too.

“No, I’m a guest in the hotel,” I said.

“Really?” The disbelief in his voice made me giggle. And I’ve been chuckling about it ever since. On further reflection, he probably thought I was a bag lady and was “borrowing” stuff from people’s rooms.

There goes my glamor image, down the drain!! LOL


One response to “A Bag Lady?

  1. Dear ‘Bag Lady’…

    At least he didn’t think you were a homeless person and offer to take you home and cook you a meal!

    Glad to hear you’ve been having fun with the family.


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