Katie and Tom, Cruise-ing on Different Ships

I just have to weigh in on this latest important news flash. Tom and Katie are divorcing! OMG!! What about all that couch jumping, Scientological marriage counseling and expressions of dying devotion? Not worth the paper the press relation experts created it on, I guess.

Didn’t the whole thing seem like fiction from the beginning? My greatest shock is that it lasted six years. Although Katie and Tom kinda look alike, they never seemed to really be on the same page. A lot of rumors swirled around their hasty courtship–none of them kind. I’d had my own theory about Tom. He never had kids with Mimi, who went on to have three with her next husband. He adopted two with Nicole and divorced her when she had a miscarriage. I just figured he couldn’t have kids. So that was what surprised me when Katie turned up preggers, supposedly with his baby.

Re-reading this I see that I must have too much time on my hands even though I fall into bed each night exhausted. How do I know so much about these people? Why do I care? Who knows? But it is fun to gossip about people who may or may not be actually real. No harm, no foul, right?

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