Gadget Mania

I’ll admit it—I love gadgets. I might even be addicted. It started in junior high when I saw my first eyelash curler. My friends and I would hang at the corner drugstore, checking out the makeup paraphernalia. We couldn’t wait until we were old enough to buy it.

Later on, my gadget addiction focused on kitchen items. My daughter says that I’m not safe in Bed, Bath and Beyond. (I just bought the Core Bamboo bottle cleaner yesterday. I used it this morning and it worked well.)

My kitchen drawers are filled with kitchen gadgets that I must have when I first see them. Now I only see them when I open the drawers they’re stored in.

I don’t want you to think I love all gadgets. I hate remotes. Ever since they came on the scene, I haven’t been able to watch television. Why can’t I have that simple on and off button?

In today’s world Amazon and Apple feed my addiction. Sometimes the two A’s work in tandem: I have several gadgets I’ve bought from Amazon for my iPhone.

Speaking of iPhones, it’s the Mother ship for a whole host of gadgets, otherwise known as Apps. Many are fabulous but I’ve got a ton of those I don’t use either.

Since I’m a weather freak, I love the Dark Sky app. It tells you what the weather is exactly where you are.

And then there’s the health App that connects to the iWatch. It measures all kinds of things.

By the way, since this day, my knee has hurt like hell.

One thing I don’t have is the wireless earbuds. (I think some techno geeks brainstormed how they could get people to walk around looking nerdy with white tubes sticking out of their ears.)

For us seniors, there are some fabulous new gadgets made just for us. My husband is walking great after having one of these replace his arthritic hip.

But the latest and greatest by far are our new hearing aids. Not only are they not visible when I’m wearing them–they actually work.

And they have the niftiest gadget accessory ever. It’s an adapter that connects to the television and then plays the sound through Bluetooth to your hearing aids. We now can even understand some one from Scotland when they talk!

I’m guessing that the days for gadgets will never be numbered. I’m just hoping I’ll be able to keep up with the newest innovations. I’ve finally gotten fobs mastered. What will be next?

2 responses to “Gadget Mania

  1. Although I told myself I didn’t have time to read this report, I’m so glad I did. It’s fun and witty and absolutely delightful. Please tell what kind of hearing aid, Cindy!

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