Making A Difference



Catching up is hard to do or maybe I’m just not good at it. I always seem to add more to my plate each day. I was just thinking that I could be satisfied with what I’ve already accomplished today, but then I was compelled by some unknown force to come to my blog page and write. That could be a good thing or just that I’m in a manic phase! (that’s a joke).

This morning I met with a young woman who is going to the Community College here in Kona. I’m going to tutor her in English composition. It was fascinating to see the work she has already done–to see what the professors are teaching and asking their students to accomplish. Very impressive. (We talked about fragments and how I use them for emphasis and how she could never use one in her essays!) I already learned a lot from her.

One of the best things about teaching is how much you, as teacher, learn. My horizons are always expanding. Another best thing, especially at my age, is the sense that I’m doing something worthwhile and that has meaning to the larger community. I mean, I’m quite good at organizing my closet, but there’s more to life than straight rows of underwear. Or even fresh flowers in the living room.

So it makes me happy to know that the skills I’ve honed through the years are not going to be put on a shelf to fall rusty in disuse. I have found a niche that I fit into perfectly.


One response to “Making A Difference

  1. Dolores Carruthers

    You and your skills will never be rusty because you are open to what might be instead of what was. Enjoy your new experience.

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