Lunch with Judy Blume

Last year after Hurricane Sandy, there was a fundraiser for the survivors. My daughter, Jennifer, was telling me you could bid on having lunch with people like Andy Cohen and Joan Rivers. Nice, I thought, but not for me.

Then she said, “Or Judy Blume or…”

“Now, Judy Blume, that would be interesting,” I said.

(I’d always admired her work, and as a writer, myself, I thought it would be great to get to talk with her. When our son, Dave, was in fifth grade, he was not much of a reader. But he was obsessed with getting a copy of Super Fudge. It was sold out, but finally I managed to get him a copy for Hanukah. He read it all day. So I decided I had to find out what all the fanfare was about. I read it in one sitting. I loved it so much that I wrote Judy Blume a fan letter. (I don’t do fan letters!) She was so gracious that she wrote me back! I have been a Super Fan ever since.)

Jen and her husband, Jim, got together with our son, Dave, and his wife, Gina, and bid on the lunch. I never thought another thing about it. On my birthday, I opened my card. We happened to be in New Zealand with our friends, Eva and Earl Shulman. Eva had met with Jen before they left Seattle and brought me the card and gift certificate for lunch with Judy Blume.  I was excited!


Now, 9 months later, it’s happening next week. I’ll let you know how it goes. Stay tuned.





6 responses to “Lunch with Judy Blume

  1. Cindy,

    Jeff’s brother was a law partner with John Blume, Judy’s ex-husband. I don’t know if she would remember Jeff. After we got married Jeff’s parents had a wedding reception for us in New Jersey and I met her. She is a wonderful woman.
    I wonder if Jodi got her love of writing from her because she read every book she could get her hands on that Judy wrote (age appropriate, of course).
    Have a wonderful time.

  2. What an amaze-balls gift! (Those sneaky rascals.) I am beyond excited for you!!
    “We Must! We Must! We Must Increase our Busts!” Thanks to dear Judy and ARE YOU THERE GOD, IT’S ME MARGARET, that was my mantra throughout the 6th grade. (And…er…beyond. Sadly.) I remember cuddling up in my grandparent’s guest room, under some fuzzy peach colored blankets and reading it from cover to cover. It was the first time I had EVER done that, or EVER wanted to for that matter. ( I even skipped watching The Love Boat that night. Adios Julie McCoy. Margaret is my new Bestie.) Judy Blume ignited my love for reading. It was such a joy to have my own kids reading and enjoying her books, decades later. She’s like the literary version of the Brady Bunch…transcending generations with her entertaining material. Please tell her thank you from me, a late bloomer (but early “Blumer”!) She really did help me understand that I wasn’t alone in my quest to get hips (hindsight: a dumb ass wish) She also taught me that a book can be a lifelong friend. Enjoy your time with her!! xoxo

  3. It was so nice to find your like on my story Apples. Thank you. So how did lunch with Judy Blume go? -cheers

    • Judy was so down to earth and fun. My husband came to lunch too and we talked for four hours. I will write about it. Life took off and I never wrote about the lunch. You have inspired me.

      • I hear you about life taking off. Awesome that your husband could attend. Four hours with Judy Blume, how cool is that? Looking forward to your post. -Cheers

      • Always love to inspire people ;). Maybe you’ll find a recipe you’d enjoy. -cheers

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