A Few Thoughts On Thinking Clearly

If I could give anyone one piece of advice it would be to give yourself time to be quiet every day. We have too much to entertain us. At the tap of a screen or the push of a button we can be flooded with sound or video. If we could contemplate more, we could be in better touch with ourselves. We could know what we are thinking; what we are feeling. We get so out of touch that we make decisions we might not have if we’d had time to think about it. We never know what’s really up with ourselves. We fly on automatic pilot, not seeing the landscape and sometimes crash landing. We may sense that we’re off course, but we don’t know what to do about it. The uneasiness leads us to self soothe. Since adults aren’t allowed to suck our thumbs or carry our blankies, we turn to other sources of relief that will relax us: booze, drugs, chocolate cake, Words With Friends, etc. Anything to distract us even further. And the cycle continues.

3 responses to “A Few Thoughts On Thinking Clearly

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  2. So true. Sometimes in the early, early morning when the house is quiet and life isn’t underway yet, I find that quiet time, the time to self-renew, to ponder.

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