The Only Way to Heal is to DO SOMETHING!!!

I got an email from David Axelrod this evening, which I thought was very nice. He addressed me as Cindy so I assume we’re kind of chummy. He seems like a good guy so I decided to write him back:

Dear David Axelrod,

I was so proud of the way our President interacted with the bereaved of Newtown. (I want to say my President, but that would be petty politics and it’s more important that we are united as Americans because of this tragedy.) Our president was the consoling leader we all needed to hear. He spoke as a leader, but also as a father and a human. His sincerity reached my heart.
The killer certainly was bi-partisan in his actions. He didn’t stop to ask each child, “Are you a Republican? Are you a Democrat?” No, he didn’t discriminate at all. He killed innocent adults,  and he killed children who were so young that their smiles were filled with missing teeth. They will never grow up to have them.
The sense of loss lingers over all of us.
Now, I hope we can create change. Having 9 guns in a household, seems excessive. Having automatic weapons seems overkill–truly. It’s not only gun control. As the sibling of a mentally ill man, there were times we feared for our lives, and could not legally get him hospitalized. He was out there, on the streets, a walking time bomb. We were helpless and we were afraid–sometimes for our lives; sometimes for strangers’. And what about the increasing violence in video games and movies? Death becomes a game, and the winner is the one with the most kills. Or the heroines or heroes in movies take lives indiscriminately. There is no moral questions asked. Does these breed a killer society?

Can we make change, sir?
I hope so.

And I wish you a happy holiday, as well.

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