A Nice Cozy Dinner


Here’s a new one. We were getting ready to sit down for dinner (no, I do cook so that’s not what’s new) when my husband started setting up the laptop. It’s a new laptop, which does whirlies and all kinds of things I am afraid to think about.

We had to get all new computers last month.Why? you ask. Because my husband bought the newest iPhones and had them hooked up at Verizon. Only problem—our computers were so old they were incompatible with the new phones. (Which sort of reminds me of our marriage in some ways.) That meant we couldn’t transfer data or sync our phones, let alone our lives. In any case, we now have state-of-the art computers if not state-of-the-art brains.

Getting back to dinner: my husband has always been good about being busy elsewhere when I’m about ready to dish up. I’ve tried all kinds of measures to prevent this, but I finally hit pay dirt when I gave up. I like to eat my food hot and fresh so if I announced that dinner was on the table and he didn’t come, I began to eat without him. It took a while, 40 years or so, but he often shows up on time, now.

So there he was, walking into the kitchen just as I was taking the salmon out of the oven.

“There’s this new thing on the computer, Cindy,” he said. “U Tube. You can look up people and find their music.”

“Really?” I said, trying to be kind. What I was thinking was, “REALLY? Welcome to the 21st century!”

I spooned the steamed broccoli onto the plate next to the salmon. We were on our way to Chicago the next day so who knew when we’d get a healthy meal for a while.

Next thing I know, we’re eating with Sammy Davis, Jr. First, he’s tap dancing on my counter top. Then Dean Martin croons through most of the meal until Sammy comes on with his African American Jewish shtick. I truly miss those guys, and Frank, too. But I’m on a diet and when I eat, it’s the food I want to concentrate on.

Now that my husband has found out about this newfangled invention called UTube, can Facebook be far behind? It goes to show that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!



One response to “A Nice Cozy Dinner

  1. Love your story. Do you ever wonde rif men of a certain “age ” or “stage of life” are clones. Although I must confess bob has always been interested in the newest tech gagets and I’ve been the one hesitant. Except he hasn’t been into a movie theater in so many years, I can’t count them. Does George Clooney sing? I wouldn’t mind sitting down to dinner with him.

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