Two Steps Behind

I am in a continual state of being two steps behind in this technological world. I just can’t keep up. Neither can my ancient computer nor my copy machine.

My first confession is that I am a slow texter. I don’t like to make mistakes so I actually read over what I’ve written, which slows down the pace. But the biggest problem is my chubby fingers, which are constantly hitting a key I don’t want. The worst is when I hit send without meaning too. Sometimes I send a message that says, “G#bf3td”. It’s so embarrassing, let alone uncool.

I can’t say I am getting any better. If only the keyboard was different and the keys further apart! Apple, you have a lot to answer for. And can there be some UPDATES in this department? What if there was an attempt to change the set up so that the period and comma were on the alphabet keyboard? And the apostrophe! (I am sure if anyone who is younger than 35 reads this, they will tell me of some changes I don’t know about.)

I won’t give up, though. I think texting is an important way to keep in touch with my kids and grandkids and my niece and nephew. It’s instant, which makes it so personal. More important, it’s the only way I can get some members of my family to communicate with me at all. I love the photos and videos that keep me posted—and make me feel I am almost there. I get these almost in sync with event.

One day I really got into texting myself. I was shopping for boots and wanted my daughter’s advice so I texted her photos of the different selections. That was fun—I didn’t have to write anything.

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