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Babyboom Boom!

Babyboom Boom!.

Babyboom Boom!

I was just looking at my page and saw that it’s been almost a month since I posted. I just don’t know where the time goes! Please introduce me to the people who say they are bored. I want to meet them to learn their secret. How do they have enough time in the day to get bored? Where do they get those extra minutes or hours? I had to have an MRI today and though it was louder than heck, it even went by fast.

I know I started a blog on how aging does strange tricks to the body. I’d looked in the mirror and although I recognized the person staring back at me, there were differences in her that I couldn’t account for. My ears are definitely bigger–maybe growing Dr. Spock-like even. So if the ears are bigger, shouldn’t you be able to hear better? Uh huh. No, no, no. As the ears grow, so does your hearing loss. Now, that is not all bad. No dripping faucet keeps me awake any longer. Clocking ticking? Who could tell?

Then there’s the hair issues. My own hair has never progressed much beyond the baby fine it was when I was two. Silky? Soft? Yeah, that’s right. And it leads to limp, lank, and wispy. Not lovely. I gunk it up as much as possible, even have treatments to stimulate growth. The result on top of my head is meager. Yet, as my hair thins on my head, it seems to be appearing on my face, and in my nose and ears! What the heck?

And I’m beginning to go down the memory lane where you can’t remember what you had for dinner the night before, but you remember your grandmother plucking a chicken sixty years ago.

Maybe that’s why I forgot to write this aging blog–I forgot it. Or maybe not.

The best benefit of getting older is by far: the grandchildren. As I always say, I finally understand what unconditional love is all about.